Derek loves pizza so much so that he hopes to open some sort of pizza place in the post-apocalyptic future in which he cooks pies out of a 2006 Dodge Dakota that's been converted into a pizza oven (insert creepy conflicting violin screeches)...

*In a world where everything is really stinking bad. Some weird dude makes pizza out of a truck and when people ate that pizzas things were not so bad.*

You can help

Until we arrive at said post-apocalyptic future research must be done. And you can help with that! Select from one of the many gift cards below and send it to with a message of what pie you'd like him to try.

What you get

Each pizza will be assessed using Derek's heart, soul, and mind. He will even send you a video of him communing with at least one slice.

How cool is that
Well what are you waiting for?

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East Side Pies
Pinthouse Pizza
Via 313
Domino's Pizza
Home Slice Pizza
Jets Pizza
It's not a charity